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About Irvin Furo - Mr. Bayelsa

Mr. Bayelsa 2016/17, Irvin Allen furo from Rivers state Bony Local Government Area shares his story. King Irvin is a fashion designer and a professional photo stylist. He is also a public speaker and a compere, he stated "I look up to the likes of I.k Osaka idouwa when it comes to the talking business.

Allenfuro emerges as Mr. Bayelsa
Allenfuro emerges as Mr. Bayelsa with photos

Irvin Allen Furo proceeds with his story

   I started pageantry modeling in the year 2012...i have since then contested 6 different pageants with 5titles under my belt..i got my big break in 2015/16 when i represented my department(medical laboratory science) Niger delta university chapter at the national pageant  and went on to become Mr medical laboratory science Nigeria 2015/16
In the year 2016/17 i contested for a state pageant (Mr Bayelsa) and as God will have it i won and became Mr bayelsa 2016/17, in 2017 i step up my foundation, Irvin allen foundation which is focused on creating the maximum Awareness on health related issues, provide possible immunisation, as well as providing financial coverage for adults and children living below the poverty line...The very first project the foundation came up with is the DAAC_SAC project..Daac_sac which is an acronym for (Deworm an african child _save a continent) its basically a deworming project that is aimed at deworming children from age 2 -17  in public primary and secondary schools across the continent, owing to my office as Mr bayelsa i decided to kick start the project in bayelsa state..we carried out the project in a couple of schools, including the internally displaced persons camp(idp camp) where we dewormed all the children at about 300  children  and few adults..the project was put on hold for a while due to financial constraints but we will be coming back strongly in 2019 to ensure the project cuts across major states of the country Nigeria, as well as some states in other African countries....we also have a couple of other health projects we are coming up with to ensure that wealth   is vastly spread across the continent as health is wealth..

In December 2018 i contested for a regional pageant (Mr Niger delta )i emerged Mr Niger delta 2018 ambassador for 2019 i kicked of with my very first project which was a peace campaign,  (i run for peace campaign) which was basically a peace campaign but i decided to encompass a marathon race..the project was  in full conjunction with ministry of youth development bayelsa was the biggest outdoor event that held in bayelsa held on the 9th of febuary 2019..the event was aimed at sensitizing and re orienting youths on the need for a peaceful conduct with respect to the forth coming 2019 general featured the marathon race as well as the sensitization  and orientation programme. The marathon race was really  interesting as it featured both physically challenged and non physically challenged...the physically challenged had 3 categories
1) the blind
3)wheel chair

In 2017/18 i graced the page 50 and 51 of  lockers 2018 i was nominated for top model of the year and fashion stylist of the year at the Nigerian vip awards..

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