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An interview with C.E.O of publicity guru - Ogbogu Joynels Oluchi

Ogbogu Joynels Oluchi, the brain behind publicity guru (A publicist) on Instagram she has been into celebrity gist talked about her childhood memory well it got me laughing this an
interesting one, and so more in this chat with me.

Who is Joynels Ogbogu:

I am Ogbogu Joynels also known for Nels, a Mircobiology undergraduate from university of Port Harcourt, I come from Umukabia Nkwerre, Nkwerre L.G.A, I am a singer, I write, I dance but in all I love singing and dancing with so much passion. I do business too. Permit me to say I am an entrepreneur and I also love giving talk.

What are/is your childhood memory:

Okay for my best childhood memory is in secondary school, those times we dance and beat drums, we have our drummer, singers, and normally I am among the dancers tho sometimes I drum. I really enjoyed it.

What is your strength: 

My strength is God, because at the end of the day is him that we have, I will also say my friends because they have been supportive. It is still God who brought them to me.

What are your weaknesses:

Arrrrgghhhh my weakness is my emotions. I am a very emotional person and I read meaning in almost everything and instead I react I let you be.

What do you feel most proud of:

I am proud of the fact my pains didn't bring me down but it built me , the fact I have learnt a lot so far. I can sit down and advice people about life and there will be a change. I am proud of being me and I thank God for that.

Strongest personal quality:

Happiness, my smile

How do u spend your free time:

I spend my free time on media. I love media, I want to know the current celebrity, how they got there and so no even my work is the media or maybe I could get a book and read.

What Do you admire most:

I admire people that have sense (winks), I also admire people that shows true love, and people that set their heart for something and see to it that it was achieved. Being focused

What does love feels to you:

I will say being free which such person/persons, trust, good communication.

Best moment:

When I am on stage singing, arrrrrggghhhhh I love the feelings and also love moments I'm free to do what I love

Most embarrassing moment:

Eeeeehhh!!! I will never forget this day. In my secondary school I was pressed wanted to ease myself before a senior student forced me to fetch water for her and I pee on myself while fetching the water, guess what?!!! My school was a mixed school boys and girls. Damnit!! I was so embarrassed. It was crazy.

How do you handle your admirers:

I tell them to go, I don't like you is I don't like you so there is no need to get things complicated

What does a perfect day feels like to you:

A day out with friends.

If you had a chance for a "do over" in life what would you do differently:

I will not change anything because everything has been a blessing and a lesson to me.

Advice for your audience:

Please do you in Alex's voice if not you will be tunioniown (hahaha) Do what you love whether you make mistakes or not just be yourself and open your mind to learn and also do God. Let me put it this way, in doing you show God

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