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Interview with Mr. Niger Delta - Akobundu Emmanuel Ifeanyi [ambassador for change]

Emmanuel Akobundu, The Nigerian king universe 2017 talked about his achievement so far, childhood memory, what love seems to him and more in this chat with me.

Who is Emmanuel Akobundu: 

I am Akobundu Emmanuel Ifeanyi also known as legacy. I am 22-year-old Pharmacy undergraduate from the University of Port Harcourt. I come from Umueke Ndiuhu, Owerri Nkworji, Nkwerre LGA, Imostate. So far I became uniport Pharmacy Top Model in year 2016, Mr. Nfcs uniport(Nigeria federation of Catholic students) in the year 2016 , Mr. Nfcs Port Harcourt zone, Nigerian King universe in year 2017 establishing a foundation named LEGACY FOUNDATION which aims at directing the mindset of the growing child to the right part. In 2018 I also emerged as Mr. Niger Delta ( Ambassador for change). I got exposed in the entertainment Industry, physically and socially minded, won several award and recognitions and I also promoted pageantry in uniport which also got me an award. I also acquired some skills. I will want to talk about sewing, these are some of my work

What is your best childhood Memory:

I loved visiting, going for holidays at my relatives'. They were and are fun to be with, they made me feel relax, happy to extent I almost forgot my name

If you had a chance for a "do over" in life, what would you do differently

I wouldn't change anything because I know am created in God's own best way. Both good and bad made whom I am today, so I have no regret of whom I was whom I am and whom I am growing into. I love them all

What are your strength:

Inward peace and staying happy

What are your weaknesses:

Well, I wouldn't say I have none. I do have my own weaknesses but they are not obvious to know, you may want to proceed to the next question

How do you spend your free time:

Uhmmmm, I do research also sports and I also think of how to explore myself. I do sometimes talk with friends.

What do u admire most in life:

I admire people trying to achieve success, to crown it all successful ones

What feels like love to you:

I feel love is mutual communication of two hearts decorated with trust and care

Hold you handle admirers:

Arrrrggghhhhhh, actually I do appreciate, yea is not easy to admire someone so I do appreciate them sometimes I reciprocate.

What is your strongest personal quality:

I choose Humility.

Most embarrassing moments in life: 

I felt so embarrassed when I failed, but I have grown now knowing failure is what makes us too. If you haven't failed before know you haven't performed a difficult task.

What is a perfect day for you:

A perfect day for me is planning ahead of time and everything falls in the way it was planned, achieving my proposed goals for the day and also impacting positively into another, with this kind of day I feel overwhelmed.

What would you do as a president talking about impacting into another, what would you do if you are a president:

Well, they say money is the root of all evil but for me I would say lack of money is the root of all evil, So if I be president, I will look for a way to create opportunities for making money to eradicate idleness, I will also pay salaries when due and other good ideas might pop which I can't think of right now. But these two things will make lots of person in the Nation or Organization happy.

Word of advice for your audience:

I would want to say to everyone reading this right now, Explore your mind by achieving your dreams, with every breath and hardwork towards success and let love lead in the hustle. Thanks.

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