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Malnutrition : It is the lack of nutrient in the body to imbalanced consumption of nutrients or not sufficient(if you are eating poor or not eating what you are supposed to eat). It is widely known that poverty causes malnutrition but Ignorance is another cause of malnutrition, this is where rich people can get malnourished. One can be wealthy but poor in choice of food he consumes.

Few symptoms of Malnutrition
Malnutrition symptoms varies might not necessary be weight loss as we all know, symptoms can come inform of
1) Dizziness
2) Rapid hair loss
3) Decreased immune response
4) Fatigue

Everybody can be malnourished, childern,infants as well as foetus. Malnutrition can be inform of Over-nutrition or Under-nutrition. Inorder not to be malnourished one need to go for various food ( one food can not give you all classes of nutrient) while you make sure that they are in right proportion and should not be eaten much which brings us to Dr.Folu OLATONA's rule of nourishment which says
1) Variety
2) Balance
3) Moderation
These should be carried out daily and of course we all know the classes of food (carbohydrate, protein, water, vitamins,   minerals, fat and oil, fibre) to combine this , make sure the food you eat contains each class of food knowing the right proportion such some vitamins and minerals shouldnt be consumed in large quantity, for growth protein and carbohydrate is highly needed etc. Malnourishment can also be caused by eating  unhealthy food. A poor child can be nourished if ignorance is not present, most poor people are ignorant that why malnutrition is found at a high rate amongst them. There local food which can nourish the body such as wheat, corn, rice, sorghum, rice, crayfish, fish, beans, soyamilk, periwinkle etc with right combination and a healthy intake the body can be nourished

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